Fishing boat

Fishing in any weather

Lyte Boat - boat for fishing

In the LyteBoat, you can fish standing up or siting down and you can move around freely. Excellent thermal insulation protects against the cold and makes fishing easy and pleasurable even in bad weather and freezing temperatures.

A lightweight boat equipped with a tent: the possibilities are endless! You can have it with you at all times and launch it from wherever you want, both great advantages for the serious fishing enthusiast.

On the ice, aside from comfort, LyteBoat significantly increases user safety.


LyteBoat’s design and dedicated accessories will allow you to mount it to your car roof rack and take it with you wherever you want. It’s light and has wheels mounted on its aluminium frame – they make it so easy to move anywhere and even launch it from a rocky shore. Its mobility is amazing. Just imagine how you want to use it ... and go for it!