Lyteboat the lifeboat

Light boat for rescue services

Universal lifeboat

LyteBoat is ultra light, which is very important when storage is far from the water’s edge.

LyteBoat is suitable for all kinds of waters - bays, open seas, rivers and lakes. Its clever design lets rescue services pull a drowning person onto the deck and immediately administer first aid.

Rescue operations

LyteBoat has worked very well in rescue operations, even with a dog on board, which, as it turned out, was eager to jump into the water to the rescue.

LyteBoat is also perfect for rescue operations on frozen waters. A fire fighter will be fully protected in case the ice collapses by pushing the LyteBoat directly in front of him as they walk across the ice.


LyteBoat is the ultimate safety measure in flood prone zones. Secured and available in strategic points, it may act as a lifesaver for those waiting for emergency services to arrive.