Boat on small and large trips

Travel with boat

It’s so easy to transport and take with you – that’s what makes LyteBoat ideally suited to the lifestyle of people who like to travel and spend time outdoors, especially on the water. Pop it on the roof your car and take advantage of all the possibilities, whether it’s organizing spontaneous moments of relaxation when traveling or just going on a short vacation with children or relatives outside the city.

Its safe and smart design, stability and buoyancy all make LyteBoat great for children. Excellent thermal insulation makes it a favourite among senior citizens, but also for longer river trips or photography expeditions.


Storing off-season is simple: it takes 3 minutes to take the cover and frame off the float. Contrary to appearances, it is very difficult to damage the float in a way that it would affect its use. Rough treatment will only impact aesthetics, not safety.

We also offer a variety of accessories, for instance a tent, so that you don’t need to worry about the rain. The basic version is essentially a rowboat, but you can also consider buying a motor bracket (suggested engine power: 2.5-6 hp or 40 lbs if electric).

With outboard power of 4-6 hp, LyteBoat is able to plane with a load of up to 100 kg.

Have fun on the water!