LYTE BOAT - a lightweight polystyrene boat

WEIGHT: 25 kg | BUOYANCY: more than 400 kg


The boat is 140x236 cm with a 90x200 cm deck. It fits up to 5 adults.


  • LyteBoat is completely unsinkable. Made from polystyrene, it has a buoyancy of over 400kg.
  • This material is environmentally friendly – the floater can be grinded and recycled.
  • LyteBoat is easy to clean and store.
  • Contrary to popular belief about polystyrene, LyteBoat is very durable and practical. In case of damage, repair is very simple using a special foam spray, knife or handsaw, sandpaper and recommended paint. There is also the option of buying a new float at a very special price.
  • LyteBoat is resistant to all weather conditions and the materials it is made of can be recycled.
  • The boat can be equipped with an internal combustion engine from 2.5 to 6 KW and any electric engine!


LyteBoat does not require a trailer and has been designed to fit to the roof a medium-sized a car. Its weight and soft but firm surface allow you to single-handedly mount it on the roof of a car, without damaging the paint of your vehicle.

For transportation on car roofs, we offer dedicated accessories.

The boat is easy to carry for two people, even in difficult terrain. Equipped with wheels, it can also be pulled by one person over a level, paved surface.

The boat is easy to launch, even with from a steep and rocky shore, which is sure to satisfy those of you who do not have direct access to the water from your property.